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Against The Silence V​.​b

by Against the silence

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For a second I realize That I’m holding a hollow dice And what lies before me doesn't fright A first sense of a common place The only wind that illuminates Folding endlessly before my eyes https://ohhiroshima.bandcamp.com/
The light is weak enough To let you speak Ignore the right to fear You're bound by what you dream Curiosity The fruit of a plastic tree Come closer, I am here And be my satellite That's what you are My sinner Come closer, I am here And be my dying light You're burning down There's no way out of me There's one way in Just trust my eyes, you'll see My voice, its subtlety My lips absolve Is this fake all you need? Come closer, I am here And be my satellite That's what you are My sinner Come closer, I am here And be my dying light You're burning down http://www.votumband.pl/
Watch the sun die. Call to nowhere. Blend in nothing. Hate the old days. Fight for new ones. Grasp the mornings. Pushed by the speed of light. Pushed to be great. But what if I'm not? (What if I'm not?) Soon my time will come and that's how it is. Just bare it in mind.(Appreciate your life.) https://kalpaband.bandcamp.com/
The trench of youngling Through unseen eyes Young stout lads are treading In furnace they flood T’ absterse their soul So purity t’ obsign A new life chapter A-nothir chaptre Horns th’t spyll blod Upon painted walls Not but an occult token Young athels dance Solemn romance Ceremony o’er speechless woe The rites of passage The rites of passage The rites of doom A generation calls upon you Amaranthine earth restores the message Anguishous Zephyrus inclines his visage Benign nature that knows no mercy Unspeakable doom shall rush upon, so let it be Doom! The rites of passage The rites of passage The rites of doom A generation calls upon you https://litany.bandcamp.com/
It was a painful day of summer I was thinking wicked thoughts My mind was full of hatred And my emotions were running low My hands started trembling And my heart was beating fast My vision became blurry And the anger spread like dust A moment of pure silence Something blazed in the sky A lightning split the daylight And heavy rain burst out I was in deep frustration As I was watching to the void And then a shade approached me And she told me that I was lost She said that she could help me It is my inner self I thought I watched her apparition And she had turn into a white dove Her words made me shiver As I was watching her flying away Serenity inundated me How peaceful I became in the end https://thetemple2.bandcamp.com/
Risen from stone, twin faced conqueror Forge of gods, timeless captivator Converging's daughter, life bearer Destructive fate, massive disintegrator Messina, Catania Feeble creations, permitted existence Fruits of man, fearful hive Worthless seekers, nearsighted followers Piercing the clouds, touching the sky Monstrous mother, brooding flame, stalwart queen Guardian and executioner Armored sentinel, voice of strength, billowing beast Molten mistress, guiding shepherdess Embodied power, visage of doom, borrowed time Messina, Catania Feeble creations, permitted existence Fruits of man, fearful hive Worthless seekers, ouroboros ignorance Pestilent apes, forging fire Defiled land, seal their fate Mammalian traitor, leveled land Fury invoked, liquid flame Furtive man, atoning stone Terran vengeance, ashes to come, decided fate Patient destroyer, holy smiter Swat the fly, nuisance no more, balance restored Messina, Catania Feeble creatures, permitted progress Fruit of drones, fearful hive Worthless seekers, eyeless followers Blackened skies, all hope lost Dormant no more, mortified creatures Gaia shivers, silence broken https://apecavepdx.bandcamp.com/


Η κυκλοφορία της 5ης μας συλλογής είναι γεγονός. Για την ακρίβεια ο ενικός είναι παραπλανητικός γιατί στην πραγματικότητα έχουμε δυο αδελφές συλλογές με κοινά χαρακτηριστικά, αλλά και σημαντικές διαφορές. Το βασικό στοιχείο που τις συνέχει είναι η φυσική τους υπόσταση, καθώς και για τις δυο για άλλη μια φορά απευθυνθήκαμε σε ονόματα και μπάντες που μας έχουν απασχολήσει εδώ στο ats. Αυτό, όμως, που τις κάνει να ξεχωρίζουν στη συγκεκριμένη περίπτωση είναι η διαφορετική τους μουσική υφή- θα το διαπιστώσετε ακούγοντας τες, οπότε δεν χρειάζεται να μακρηγορήσουμε επ' αυτού.
Από πλευράς μας το ζητούμενο ήταν η αποτύπωση των φετινών μουσικών μας αναζητήσεων. Θεωρούμε ότι ως ένα βαθμό το πετύχαμε. Για αυτό δεν έχουμε παρά να ευχαριστήσουμε πρωτίστως τα ονόματα που μας παραχώρησαν ένα κομμάτι τους- ιδιαιτέρως αυτά που κόσμησαν τις συλλογές αυτές με ένα ακυκλοφόρητο άσμα- αλλά και το μικρό μεν, θερμό δε κύκλο φίλων-αναγνωστ(ρι)ών που μας περιβάλλει και πραγματώνει τον λόγο ύπαρξης του ats... την άμεση επικοινωνία, την ανταλλαγή ιδεών και την εμπλούτιση των εμπειριών μας.

The release of our fifth compilation is now a fact. To be precise, the singular form is misleading - in reality, we have two compilations with similar features, and yet they are significantly different from each other. The basic feature linking them is their actual existence, taking into account that in order to bring them together, we have once again turned to artists and bands we have reviewed at ATS. What really sets each compilation apart is the nature of musical material included in each part - although there is no real need to discuss this at length, since it will become evident when you listen to them yourselves.
Our intention was to provide an overview of our musical explorations for this year - and we believe that we have succeeded in providing just that, at least up to a certain extent. For that reason, we should mainly extend our gratitude to those individuals who offered us one of their compositions, especially those who participated with previously unreleased tracks, offered exclusively for this compilation. Lastly, we can only say thank you to our small, yet devoted circle of friends - readers surrounding us and providing the reason for the existence of ATS... because they are the ones who make direct communication, exchange of ideas and added experience all the more worthwhile.


released July 23, 2016

Artwork made by Phil Gardelis (zenjunglemusic.com)


all rights reserved



Against the silence Athens, Greece

Against the silence Ι

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